You don’t know if his wife will ever found out, you don’t know how this will end up, etc.

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You will never have the pleasure of meeting his friends and family. .



. and no man is worth almost losing your head for. If you’re a single woman, don’t even think about getting involved with a married man.

Your relationship is going nowhere.

. Your best bet at protecting yourself is. .

Selfies, love notes, cards, jewelry, text messages – burn them all. If you’re already involved, it is likely that you’re being dominated by emotion.

Since he is not legally separated from his wife, it means he could be having feelings for her.


. No Matter What He Says, You Are Not Number One.

I am so screwed up over this whole thing and have been for years, because I always said I would never get involved with a married man. 5.

You Will Not Be His Priority.

Being rational can be a big challenge.

It’s okay for them to screw around on their husbands, but God HELP the man that dumps them! I hope you have a protective layer around any women you may love who you could.

He won’t support you: Involved with a married man consequences also includes him failing to support you at the expense of his wife and children. . Renowned psychologists Drs.

Neenaji concluded by saying, “Do not get involved in all this, do not fall in love with a married man. 1. The veteran actress urged her Insta fam to refrain from falling in love with a married man. May 8, 2023 · Married men can fall in love with someone else other than their spouse. But, the fact is that this man will never be able to.

There will.

Jan 17, 2020 · You don’t want to be the one providing comfort to a man who may be using you until his wife will let him come back. In her post, Neena Gupta revealed that she even had the urge to call and inform the.

If you have fallen in love with a married man and not acted on it yet then my advice is to stop before you do.


Being rational can be a big challenge.