New Jersey Instructor LaGuardia Community College Jan 2021 - Present 2 years.


44 interpreter Jobs in New Jersey. Available Time(s) Interpreter Business Name Agency Contact Name Contact Information Contact Information American Sign Language (ASL) (Continued) Staff - Superior Court Adept Language Consulting, LLC Ms.

services to New Jersey’s courts on a regular basis.


Accordingly, the written examination also measures recognition of common court- related situations and vocabulary, especially in the area of criminal courts. S. Feb 16, 2023 · Official Website of the New Jersey Judiciary.

Diana Flor English Spanish Translator at RM Latinos Services Frederick, MD.

, CT. Submit Court Documents Online (JEDS). Conrado Portugal AIIC Conference Interpreter.

Average New Jersey Courts Court Interpreter yearly pay in New Jersey is approximately $64,288, which meets the national average. Mr.

Baris S.

Average $64,875.


Court Interpreter 1- Journey - The salary range for this position is $68,141. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs.

I can translate up to 3500-3700 words per day and I am particularly strong with Tr-Eng translations.



Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. These court interpreters are designated with (RI-only) after their name. Feb 19, 2016 · 19 Feb.

2. . . There are no interpreter requirements covering Municipal Court, which handles matters such as parking ticket violations, minor criminal offenses, and municipal. You may wish to refer to the Court Interpreters Act, 28 U.

Must be proficient in English and Korean.

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Mays Landing, New Jersey 08330.


Interpreter Services.

Eligibility: Eligible applicants are court interpreters approved by the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC).

Email: info@spanport.